Call for start-ups for #esaconnect on October 26th 2017 at ESA

On the occasion of the next edition of #esaconnect, les rdv de l’agriculture connectée, start-ups will once again be honored. The twenty selected start-ups and young companies will present their services and innovative products in front of a large audience of IoT- and agricultural professionals. This year, the effects of numerisation on agricultural work and the food processing industry will be at the heart of the debates: how do organisational and technological innovations- from DST’s to Artificial Intelligence to new collaborative tools or robotics- transform the productivity of work and its social value? In this context we invite you to answer our call to participate, in order to have the opportunity to present your innovations in a pitch and/or stand.

Ecole Supérieure d'Agricultures
Chaire Mutations Agricoles

How does an Agri-pitch work?

In an Agri-pitch, 3 to 5 start-ups gather together on a predefined theme with an animator. Within an Agri-pitch, each start-up has 10 to 15 minutes to present a product or innovative service to the audience and to engage in a discussion about its effects in relation to the main theme of this edition: work. Each Agri-pitch will be coordinated by a professor-researcher from ESA, who will contact the selected companies for the practical organisation of this time. In addition to this, we offer the selected start-ups an exposition space (a simple stand) in the public spaces of the event.

What will be the themes of the Agri-pitches?

At this stage we propose to the companies applying to concentrate on one of the following themes. These may evolve depending on the applications received.


  • Decision Making Tools, artificial intelligence

> From support to diagnosis to decision-making, how do these innovations modify the activities and specializations of the users?

  • Precision agriculture

> Beyond the objectives of the innovation, what are its stakes in terms of economical, environmental and social performances in agricultural production?

  • Robotics and automation

> How do automation and robotics transform the productivity and organization of the work in the companies?

  • Traceability, solutions for linking and commercialization within the agri-food sector and collaborative platforms

> What are the effects of the innovations relative to the management of communication within the sector: on the work relations, on the efficiency of the activities and the value sharing.

  • Open issue

What are the requirements to apply?

The applications must:


  • Be made by start-ups or young companies less than five years old
  • Concern innovative products or services already on the market or currently being developed (#esaconnect is also a chance to test new ideas in the agricultural world)
  • Include a description of global skills and of the innovative nature of the product or service
  • Concern implementations in the agricultural sector or transferable to the agricultural sector

#esaconnect 2017 will take place during the World Electronics Forum (WEF) held in Angers

Angers will welcome the World Electronics Forum (WEF), a weeklong event uniting numerous representatives of federations and leaders from around the world to imagine the electronic industry of tomorrow. In relation with #esaconnect, a focus on smart agriculture will take place the 26th of October 2017 to prove the vitality of this sector and to imagine its future. If you are from the “Grand Ouest” of France, you can take part in this. We propose different options: you may appear in a book, be a member of the the reflection committee or pitch in front of individuals of diverse nationalities.

Practical information:

Selection process: the selection jury will be composed of representatives from different planning structures of #esaconnect. The proposals will be selected based on their strategic benefit for the agricultural sector, their innovative nature, as well as on the type of companies who propose them (start-ups will have priority) and on the way that the pitcher proposes to contribute to the theme of the day, in order to represent different types of technologies and application sectors.


Communication of results: the jury will gather at the conclusion of this call to participate and the selected companies will be informed by the 21st of July 2017 at the latest.


Participants awaited at #esaconnect: more than 650 participants at the 2016 edition: agricultural professionals from all sectors, representatives of the “numeric ecosystem” of the “Ouest” of France, researchers, press, students and professors.


Visibility brought to selected companies: integration in a presentation of the company in a book of participants and on our website; pitch (without fail) and stand for the day (if requested in the participation form); if necessary, the cost of transport and lodging linked with the presence of the selected companies will be covered by the organisation (maximum 2 people per start-up).


Applications must be submitted by July 17th 2017 at the latest.

La sélection est terminée ! Revenez bientôt pour découvrir les start-up sélectionnées et le programme complet d’#esaconnect !

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